Were Taj Mahal's craftsmen mutilated? To know about the myth and legend of mutilations in Taj, read on this article.

Mutilations inside Taj Mahal Myth

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Among all the fascinating myths and legends that surround the existence of Taj Mahal, there is one in particular that is the most grotesque. This legend tells the tale of the craftsmen who, one day were marveling at the stunning creation they crafted out of their own hands, and the other day were wondering why their own hands were dismembered. Why? The rest of the article will throw some light as to what happened during that time, or rather what the myth states may have happened after the Taj Mahal was completed. Though the tale is a simple folklore, it does manage to give tourists an eerie feeling instantly. Although the validity over the actuality of it has not been confirmed, the myth has been in circulation more than any other myth and adds an air of mystery to the wonder that is Taj Mahal.

According to the myth, it is believed that Shah Jahan ordered the hands of the craftsmen and artisans who were involved in creating this fantastic monument to be cut off after the completion of Taj Mahal so that they may never be able to build another monument as glorifying as Taj Mahal. Apart from the dismemberments, it is also believed that on orders of Shah Jahan, even the eyes of those involved in construction of Taj Mahal were forcibly taken out of their sockets so that they may never be able to witness anything that is more beautiful than the monument they built. Many of the historians find this horror story false and baseless as no records or evidence has been found yet that claims the possibility of it happening in those days. But despite these stories being baseless, they manage to spook the senses of every person who hears the story.